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Registration News

Summer Session & Fall Quarter, 2016

Registration for Summer Session & for Fall Quarter is currently underway by time to register.

Plan your Class Schedule

Find your time to Register

  • Continuing students:  Find your time to register.
  • Former students:  Contact Registration & Records to be assigned a "time to register".
  • New students:  Go to our Getting Started parge for information.


Summer Session begins July 5

Fall Quarter begins September 19.



Classes throughout the Quarter:

Continuing Education (Non-credit):

OC offers a variety of computer, business development, personal growth, and "just for fun" classes.  They are available in Kitsap and Mason counties.  Non-credit classes are generally short in duration and offered through the quarter.  See how to register


Late and Early Start Classes:

To see available classes that start late during any quarter, you can use the Class Schedule Planner.

  • Select the correct quarter from the drop down, “Select Quarter”.
  • Select Day/Time from the top menu.
  • For all late start classes, just select the “Late Start classes” box.
  • For late start classes that haven’t started yet, select that box.
  • To see the dates for the class, select “Details” to the left of the class.


International Students

Applications from international students are welcome throughout the year. Prospective international students should call 360-475-7412 [Call: 360-475-7412] or email international@olympic.edu. See additional information.