Degree Audit

The Degree Audit online tool gives you an unofficial audit of courses taken as compared to degree or certificate requirements and can serve as a guide for course selection. Options:

  • Compare the courses listed on your transcript against any degree or certificate currently offered.
  • View your academic plan and progress notes (if your advisor added these in Degree Audit).
  • View your test scores, waivers, substitutions and transfer credit.

How to Use a Degree Audit

  1. Log in
    1. Use OASIS “Check your degree progress
    2. Log In: Enter SID (ie 860XXXXXX). Enter global PIN (usually your birth date as MMDDYY).
  2. Audit a degree or certificate
    1. Pick a degree or certificate from the drop-down list above and click “Run Audit”
  3. View your academic plan, notes, or test scores
    1. Click on the appropriate tab at the top of the page. You can check on notes from your advisor and courses recommended for the next quarter.

Records Prior to 1986

Olympic College records prior to 1986 might not be available using OASIS or Degree Audit. Archived records are available either in person at the Bremerton Registration and Records Office (with photo ID), or by ordering an official transcript.

Transfer Credit Evaluation and Degree Audit

See the view your evaluation section on the Completed Transfer Credit Evaluations page.

Need Help?

Contact the advisor in your program area.