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The Borderlands Project Competition

Borderlands Project image.

Earn cash prizes and recognition for solo or collaborative projects!

Entries are due June 2!

Do you want to

  • Explore Diversity & Social Justice Issues?
  • Have Your Work Recognized & Rewarded?
  • Use work you are already assigned as the basis for the Project?     
  • Work Alone or with One or More Other Students?

Contact Professor Jody DeLay today to find out how you can participate in the project and qualify to win cash prizes and recognition!

Contact Information

Borderlands Project Coordinator

Jody DeLay
Full Time Faculty
(360) 475-7179

Funding provided by the OC Foundation Funds for Excellence Grant.

The Borderlands Project is a Competition that takes place over the 2016-2017 school year where students explore Borderlands issues in different classes, in different quarters through different lenses.  OC students work separately, then together to compete for CASH PRIZES during Borderlands Week, Spring Quarter.

You may work alone using two or more ways to explore your Borderlands issue, such as a poem and an essay, or a photo montage and a memoir, followed by a reflection on your aims and the choices you made composing your project. OR you can write an essay, a poem or a story about a Boarderlands issue. A student in another class does a research project, makes a video, a photo montage, or a painting. You and they connect through Canvas and compose a written reflection on your work, uniting your projects.

Finalists will present their work during Borderlands Week, Spring Quarter. 




Borderland issues involve points of difference in American society where individuals and groups experience discrimination and marginalization:

  • Age, Ability & Health Issues
  • Class
  • Education & Language
  • Legal Issues
  • Migration & Nation/Nationality
  • Race & Ethnicity
  • Religion
  • Sex & Gender
  • Traumatic Experience

  • Jody DeLay (English)
  • Erin Douglas (English)
  • James Estrella (American Culture & Equity Studies)
  • Kathy Bright (Business & eLearning)
  • Seville Hering (Communication Studies)
  • Allison Hicks (Sociology & Criminology)
  • Deb Lamb (History)
  • Arlene Plevin (English)
  • Philip Schaeffer (History)
  • Nick Schuur (English)
  • Marie Weichman (Art)

Join The Borderlands Project Competition Canvas shell to start collaborating with other students and contributing faculty.

Photo of 2016 Borderlands Winners

The Awards Committee judged entries representing painting, charcoal drawing, personal memoir, sculpture, poetry, historical essay, computer graphics, reflective essay, and short story genres. Here are the award recipients of the Borderland Project:

2016 Borderlands Winners

First Place Tie: Gretchen Lund and Tara Kirkendoll; 2nd Place: Issareeyaporn Praisuwanna; 3rd Place: Genevia McAdams; 4th Place: Charlene  Simovart; Honorable Mention Tie: Jordan Lilja and Danny Hall