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Steps to Success

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Steps to Success (S2S) is a peer group that assists those who find themselves struggling with college. Our program exposes students to the best possible resources to ensure they get the most out of their college experience.  



We understand that not every student has the opportunity to have the ideal college experience, and we strive to accommodate those who are in need through various resources both on and off campus. We've identified a group of different courses, which students select based on their interest. Students overwhelmingly found these courses to profoundly enhance the college experience, and fulfill their academic and personal potential. Steps to Success strives to provide fundamental resources from every level of the college spectrum. Our goal is to give the best experience throughout their college education. Although this experience may not be traditional, we strive to make their time here at Olympic College an experience to remember.  



“To me, S2S means helping individuals who are wanting to better not only themselves, but their skills to help give them a brighter future, and S2S helps those by giving them the tools and knowledge they need to achieve those goals. 


When I was a student, it took me 4 years to figure out what I really needed to do each quarter, and the classes I was needing to take for my degree because no one here at the college knew anything outside their “field” that they worked in to give me the helpful information I needed.  That is, until, I met Marwan who became my advisor, who also helped me get on the right path to my degree and certifications.  once he started the S2S program, he asked me about my thoughts of my school experience.  When I told him about the bad experience I had, I told him what I thought would make this school better and he asked me if I would be interested in joining his team to do just that.  To help make schooling a better experience for students, and of course, I said yes since I truly believe in the benefits this group has to offer. “ - Nikki 


“When you reach a milestone in your life, it is easy to be scared since you’re taking such a huge chance, but when you prepare yourself for these milestones, you become excited rather than afraid when you begin your journey to success. 


I am a part of Steps to Success because I went through my own personal struggles after high school and the military. I was very unprepared, and I had some goals that were very unrealistic, and everything was a fantasy to me. It wasn’t until I finally realized that college was the way to get myself out of working retail for the rest of my life that I took the first step to becoming successful. I connect with those who feel stuck and have no sense of direction, and I want to guide them into becoming successful in their life regardless of how many struggles they have endured.” - Amy


GENS 097---Canvas
GENS 101—Orientation to College
GENS 124—College Transitions   Essentials
GENS 131—Student Success Skills
GENS 141—Career and Transfer  Planning
CIS 100—Computer Literacy for Online  Learning
CIS 150— Survey of Computing
DIGL 101 —Introduction  to Online Learning W/Canvas 
BSTEC 110—Keyboarding
OLRM 220—Human Relations in the Workplace
BMGMT 170– Client and Customer Relations
LIBR 110—Internet Research Skills 


Check with your advisor to see if these classes are right for you!
Dates and Times courses are available can be found in The View and in the Class Schedule Planner. 

 General Meeting about the progress and future of Step to Success: Video (April 12, 2016) 

Relationship Event: Video 1 (June 10th, 2016)

Relationship Event: Video 2 (June 10th, 2016)

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