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Tech Prep Dual Credit

Welcome to Tech Prep Dual Credit!

Last year, over 1900 students in our consortium earned FREE college credits through the Tech Prep program. Why not you? Give yourself a jumpstart on your college education and your career. To find out if your school has a Tech Prep program, search for your school's Tech Prep Dual Credit opportunities HERE*.

Tech Prep Dual Credit is a cooperative effort between K-12 schools, Olympic College, business and labor communities that allows students to earn college credits in approved high school courses.

How does it work?

Tech Prep courses align Career and Technical Education classes at the high school with Professional-Technical courses taught at Olympic College, creating an opportunity for students to earn both high school credits for graduation while earning college credits. Our program is accessible to ALL high school students with no costs involved. Because there is no charge for college tuition and students do not need to purchase textbooks or provide transportation, the savings for students, parents and taxpayers is significant. This is an ideal opportunity, especially for students who are first generation, economically disadvantaged or who are bright but under performing and/or unmotivated in high school.

By establishing a history of earning college credit and gaining a solid foundation of skills and knowledge in a comprehensive Program of Study, students are more aware of their education and career opportunities and are better prepared to make sound decisions that lead to success in education and the world of work.

The West Sound Education Consortium's career-technical education initiative is an approach to learning that acknowledges that students learn best when they learn by doing. Whether students are planning to attend college, get post-secondary training or enter the workplace after high school, career-technical education teaches strategies and activities that promote high academic performance and practical learning. Through various district level programs, the West Sound Education Consortium exposes students to a wide range of academic and career areas, including technology, science, health and safety, communications, the arts, business and industry. For any questions or comments, please contact our office.