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Residence Life

Welcome to The Office of Residence Life

Your source for on-campus student housing at Olympic College

On behalf of the entire Student Life, Residence Life, International, and Admissions teams, welcome to Olympic College! We are excited to have you with us. Your life in the residence hall will play an important part in your overall Olympic College experience. Our goal is to provide you with comfortable, safe housing, to support you in your academic pursuits, and to foster a rich and diverse community that complements your academic success.

OC strives to offer opportunities for students to get involved in the creation of community on campus and to have fun in the process. Research demonstrates that student involvement in campus activities has many benefits including: new relationships, better time management, improved academic performance, and experiential learning.

Involvement in your living area and the campus community will be a major factor in the level of your academic and personal success at Olympic College. Residence Life Staff members are here to assist you, but you must ultimately decide for yourself to engage in opportunities, solve community problems, and seek assistance when needed. We hope that you will become involved in the residence hall and campus community. Get involved, have fun, and enjoy this wonderful opportunity!


The Office of Residence Life strives to provide safe, quality student housing, and aims to challenge, support, and educate residents to become responsible and engaged global citizens.


The Office of Residence Life offers a diverse, multinational living and learning environment that augments the academic pursuits of our residents through intentional education, innovation, and community development.

Community Respect

We believe that each resident deserves to be treated with respect and dignity. Each resident shares the responsibility of creating an environment in which all residents are welcomed and valued - regardless of age, weight, gender, sexual orientation, disability, race, ethnicity, color, creed, national origin, cultural background, socio-economic status, or religious affiliation or conviction. We expect each resident and their guests to take the time and energy necessary to get to know people from different groups and cultures as individuals. Join us in embracing our differences and appreciating the perspectives each resident brings to Olympic College.

  • We offer many amenities not found elsewhere in college housing or the local community. Rates include heat, electricity, water, sewage, garbage, recycling, Internet access, parking, weekly shuttle service to local stores, and access to community events and programs.

Full-time live-in Residence Hall Manager

Free parking

Outdoor BBQ
24/7 Camera surveillance 
Laundry room 
1-Block from campus 
Campus Safety patrols
Community Room
60in HD smart TV 
Leather couches 
Full Kitchen 
Playstation 4 and Wii w/ games 
Slow cookers 
Rice cookers  
Vacuum with hepa-filter 
Shark steam cleaner 
Board games 
Bathtub w/ shower 
Shower curtain 
Sink with storage underneath 
Large closet 

Towel racks 
Ventilation fan 

Kitchen Area
Rice cooker 
4-burner stove 
Full size oven 
Starter dish soap & sponge 
Pot holders 
Dish cloths 
Dish drying rack 
Cutting mats 
Cooking utensils 

Serving utensils 
Cooking knives 

Can opener 

Dinner plates 
Sandwich plates 
Coffee mugs 
Tea kettle 

Living Area

Wardrobe w/ mirror 

Desk lamp 
Floor lamp 

Starter kit of cleaning supplies 
Dust pan 

4 Coat hangers 
All needed lightbulbs 
*Bed-linens w/ bath towels available for purchase

Professional Staff

The Residence Hall Manager is a full-time, professional, live-in staff member who oversees the daily operations of the residence hall. The Manager is there to challenge and support residents as they pursue their academic goals at Olympic College. The Manager supervises 3 paraprofessional student staff members, administers the student conduct process, offers supportive counseling, and assumes responsibility for the general management of the living areas.

Resident Advisors

Resident Advisors are paraprofessional student staff members who assist the Residence Hall Manager in executing the mission and vision of the Office of Residence Life. Resident Advisors serve as student leaders who engage and support their fellow residents. RA’s execute regular community programs, provide guidance on Residence Life policies and procedures, and assist with the management of the residence halls.