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Ways to Pay for College

Federal Financial Aid

Grants, Scholarships, & Loans

  • For access Olympic College (or other college grants): www.Washboard.org
  • WA State Need Grant is a need-based aid.
  • Some colleges offer tuition waivers. Contact your college for more information regarding eligibility requirements.

Additional State & Federal Skills Training Programs

  • Workfirst Program 
    Provides recipients of TANF with customized training for short term professional/technical certification.
  • Work Study Opportunities 
    Provides recipients of financial aid opportunities for work experience on or off campus. Award is dependent upon financial need.
  • Worker Retraining 
    Provides access to skills training for the unemployed who need to upgrade skills or acquire new careers.
  • Basic Food Employment Training (BFET) 
    Provides recipients of basic food assistance with financial help for tuition, fees, and books for approved professional/technical certification programs.

Olympic College Financial Need Programs

  • Opportunity Grant 
    Provides educational funding for low-income verified, WA state residents, who have maintained a GPA of 2.0 or above. Recipients must have applied for FAFSA and be enrolled in an approved program of study.
  • Students In Need Group (SING) 
    Offers additional resources and community referrals including, but not limited to: food, bus tokens, shelter resources, and a book lending library.